Privacy Policy

General Information

Our privacy policy describes the practices CP3D (“we”, “us”, "our", “developers”, “moderators”) make in regards to our collection and use of information from users who use our services. It is important to note that we are not affiliated with the Club Penguin franchise or its affiliates, such as Disney. This is not an official game, and we are not a company or professional organization. Our website and the game we develop is simply a fan project dedicated to those who played the original Club Penguin before it closed on March 30, 2017.

This policy is effective June 13, 2022 and subject to revision to ensure full transparency and stay within all applicable laws and internet guidelines.


We are not affiliated in any way with the original Club Penguin, or its affiliates, such as Disney. We run a fan-inspired game from which we take no profit or donations from. We are self-funded, and our intention is to deliver a fun 3D experience for fans of the original Club Penguin.

All game and website assets were personally created, and the original Club Penguin serves as our inspiration.


This policy applies to all users who visit our website and register to play our game. The target audience for our game is persons over the age of 13. CP3D was created for the legacy players of the old Club Penguin, upon which our project is based; therefore, it is presumed all users are over this age. Newcomers are welcome, but we do not encourage or allow children to use our services for their safety.

Parents who discover their child has an account may contact us to request the immediate deletion of all their associated data (see Contact below).

Collected Information

The following may be collected by us as further described below.

Furthermore, inferences may be made based on your interactions within the game (most active times, popular items, frequently visited rooms, etc). Information collected resulting from in-game reports may include chat messages and the comments you include in the report.

Collection and Use of Information

When visiting any page on our website, your IP address is logged with the URL you visited on our website. This log entry is made privately for us to review for the purpose of conducting a review on our access logs. This process is important because it helps us track visitors who may be trying to abuse or undermine our website’s security. IP addresses suspected to be threatening our website will be permanently banned. All logged information is removed at the end of our review periods.

By registering for an account, you provide us with your username, email address, and password. The email address you provide is used to verify you are not a robot. It is used for sending activation requests, password resets, and any other potentially important notices regarding our project. We do not store an IP address with your account during registration, and no further personal information is collected during the registration process.

If you repeatedly fail logging into the game with an incorrect password, your IP address will be blacklisted from logging in for a certain amount of time. It is automatically removed at the end of the expiration time. This is a countermeasure to protect our users' accounts from being brute-forced.

Your username and IP address is collected in a log entry if you are banned by the game server for serious violations, such as attempted game manipulation. Such violations constitute a threat to our security, and immediate action may be taken to block you from our services. If the ban is determined to be a mistake, the logged IP address will be purged from our ban log.

If you are reported (or report someone) in-game with the "Chat" category, all chat messages both players sent will be included with the report, so as to establish context for our moderators to review.

Disclosure of Information

The information we collect related to user accounts is stored securely in our database and not shared with anyone outside of CP3D. This information may be accessed by our developers or moderators.

Your IP address may be provided to Cloudflare for violating our Terms of Service or as described herein.

Protection of Information

We are committed to the safe storage and lawful use of your information. Although we take stringent methods in our handling of your information, a 100% guarantee will not be made. Many fan websites and other MMO games are often the subject of repeated hacking attempts. By using our services, you acknowledge the inherent risk of transmitting and providing information over the internet.

Your password is securely hashed and stored in our database, and our game communicates over Cloudflare’s WebSocket secure protocol. In this respect, all data transmitted is encrypted via the standard TLS 1.2 protocol. Additionally, our game server transmits data with an encryption library, which further supplements all data sent/received with an additional layer of security. In other words, the data sent by the client and game server are fully encrypted end-to-end. The connection to our server is also authenticated with our server’s certificate.

Retention of Information

Accounts not activated after a period of time will be removed. All activated accounts are kept until you request its removal. All deletion requests for any reason will be honored.

All IP bans are permanent. These bans are only issued when serious threats are being made to our safety, and so to ensure the protection of our users' information, these bans will not be rescinded.

Logged IP addresses from website visits are cleared at the end of our random review periods.

All in-game reports are retained indefinitely. This information may include chat messages (if reported via the chat category) and any comments you include with the report.


Use of our services, such as registering, browsing, or logging in, serves as an indication you understand and acknowledge all information outlined in this policy.

You agree to hold Disney and its affiliates harmless for anything that may transpire while using our services.

Users who expressely disregard or reject our policies may have sanctions applied to their account or overall experience with our services.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or on our Discord server. We welcome all feedback and will address any concerns with this policy.