Help & Support

We have created a variety of documents and other pages to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing in-game.

Issue Tracker

This document contains a list of reported issues that have been taken up by the development team. The status of an issue is denoted by the text’s color. All text in blue is guaranteed to be in the next version.
If you do not see your issue in this document, then you can report it in our Discord server (channel: #gameplay-issues).


If you’re having trouble connecting to or updating the game, please see this document.

Contact Us

The CP3D Team takes your complaints very seriously. If you are encountering any type of problem with the program, please take the time to inform us of the situation, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The best way to get in contact with us is through our Discord server. For account deletion requests, please send your request to our support email at [email protected].

If the team does not get back to you from our official social links listed on the right, contacting the staff personally may be an effective alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Will there be membership?" - Nope! Membership is provided free to all penguins!

"Can I help develop/moderate for the game?" - You sure can! Check out our discord server and look in the channel #openings for what staff we’re looking for right now. Hope to see you!

"Is this a CPPS?" - Not at all! The key difference between CP3D and CPPSes are that CPPSes use material from the original Club Penguin. This is a 3D Club Penguin remake made with original assets and files!

"Why is [this] like [this]? You should do [this]!" - The game is being worked on every single day, and unfortunately we can’t have it complete all at once. All features you see in screenshots/videos are subject to change.

"Will there be [this] in CP3D?" - Most likely! Although it might take a while since we’re a smaller team, we do hope to have all original CP mechanics by the time we’re finished. So please be patient!

"What game engine do you use?" - Unity 2019.4!