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Hello, penguins!
Raining here.

2019 was a big year for Club Penguin 3D. Many new features, items, characters and parties were introduced in 2019, and there were many new penguins to experience them. We expect 2020 to be even bigger, but I would like to thank everyone who allowed 2019 to be as great as it was.

One of the last things to come out of 2019 was the Holiday Party’s Coins for Change. Penguins from around the world contributed over one million coins to help charities!
Around 200 dollars will be donated to three charities. Protecting the Earth (Rainforest Trust) proved to be the most popular, with 73.8% of coins being donated to it.
Providing medical help with St. Jude’s came in second with 17.4%, followed by building safe places with Caritas, with 8.8%.

Now, you may be wondering what 2020 has in store for Club Penguin 3D. Without spoiling anything – A lot! There will be new parties, new games, new catalogs, new features and a lot more!
Stay tuned for the new Pet Shop this month and Project Radius next month. You may be surprised on all that is yet to come.

Well, that’s it for now, penguins!
Just remember – find the posters…

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