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Hello, penguins
Raining here!

Halloween is over, but that doesn’t stop us from missing it! Last week, I asked everyone what their favorite aspect of the party was. Here are their answers!

Domohead, “I love that the entire island was decorated for the event, making the candy hunt was a treat to complete. This has to be my favorite party so far, and the anniversary festivities were just icing on the cake.”

The island was almost entirely decorated, besides for a few rooms. It was definitely one of the biggest party, along with the candy hunt. It was also one of the only parties to have another party going on at the same time, being the first anniversary.

Yumuro, “My favorite part of the Halloween party was the scavenger hunt! I loved searching through the island for the candies and trying to discover the meaning of the riddles. Specially when penguins could ask other pals for the location of the candies.”

The candy hunt was definitely one of the most popular things to do, being the first of its kind. The free Halloween Scarf was in mighty demand, making the completion of the hunt more-so desired.

That’s all for now, penguins.
For next week’s blog post, answer this question. What is your favorite new furniture item or igloo? With the brand new igloos, flooring and furniture, there are so many more ways to customize your home, and it’s easier as well! (You can answer this question in the comments of this blog post)

Until then,
Waddle on!

4 Responses to Reviewed By You – Halloween Favorites!

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    My favorite item is the box dimension portal! its an item that appears outside of igloos and is one of the few items that serves a purpose. The portal is hidden in the catalog yet appears in certain parties like one year during the puffle party. it just seems like an amazing item and is my favorite.

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    I really like the pizza oven. It seems like it’s really cozy, and would look very good in a kitchen, especially a restaurant kitchen. Besides that, I like the pizza box. I like having food to place in my igloo, so it is a good inclusion.

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    My favourite item is the pizza hoven! I love it because there is light and sound effects, and it bring some live and animation inside the igloo, with a cool warm effect! With the hardwood floor I think it really look great, and complete it with pizza boxes are even better!

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