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Greetings, Earthlings.
Raining here!

It’s time to get started back with reviewed by you blog posts. Last week, I asked about your favorite costumes. If you’re not quite sure what you want to dress up as, perhaps this blog will prove to help you!

Here’s what some penguins had to say.

BananaMoose, “I like both the bee and moose costumes but I’ll be wearing the moose costume so my username will be accurate for once. Excited for the halloween party!”

A moose costume is a great choice. Being a moose is not so spooky at first, but combining it with other items can make quite a spookful outfit. Fear in the unknown!

Wipipi, “I like all the costumes but my favorite one is the skeleton. I love the classic feel to it and how fun it is. I also like the flashlight, it allows you to light up the dark surroundings!”

Indeed, the skeleton outfit is a classic. It is also wise to carry around a flashlight. As this is one of the darkest parties, it is good to have a flashlight on hand. It could be of use with finding some candies as well!

That’s all for now, penguins.
For next week’s reviewed by you blog, answer this question. What is your favorite part of the Halloween party? It can be any aspects of it, the rooms, the haunted mansion, the free items, meeting mascots. You decide! (You can answer this question in the comments of this blog post)

Until then,
Waddle on!

3 Responses to Reviewed By You – Halloween Costumes!

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    I love that the entire island was decorated for the event, making the candy hunt was a treat to complete. This has to be my favorite party so far, and the anniversary festivities were just icing on the cake.

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    My favorite part has to be the atmosphere and decorations of the rooms. They give off a very good spooky Halloween mood.

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    My favorite part of the Halloween party was the scavenger hunt! I loved searching through the island for the candies and trying to discover the meaning of the riddles. Specially when penguins could ask other pals for the location of the candies.


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