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Hello penguins…
Raining here!

Last week I asked you about the brand new igloo update. New igloos, flooring and furnishing had been released. Here are the responses!

Wydrop, “My favourite item is the pizza hoven! I love it because there is light and sound effects, and it bring some live and animation inside the igloo, with a cool warm effect! With the hardwood floor I think it really look great, and complete it with pizza boxes are even better!”

The restaurant collection has many uses outside of an eating establishment. The pizza oven can find itself in a cozy kitchen, or perhaps used as a fireplace. The colours of it do go quite well with the hardwood.

Wipipi, “I really like the pizza oven. It seems like it’s really cozy, and would look very good in a kitchen, especially a restaurant kitchen. Besides that, I like the pizza box. I like having food to place in my igloo, so it is a good inclusion.”

Again, it seems as the pizza oven is a popular item. It seems like cozy items are a favorite! Food is always swell to have around, especially if your penguin has a craving.

That’s all for now, penguins.
While discussing items, it’d be good to bring up the most recent Penguin Style catalog. For next week, answer this. What is your favorite item from the Penguin Style, and is there any items you’ll be looking forward to in the future?
I would like a raincoat myself, and I’m curious to hear what everyone else would like.

Until then,
Waddle on!

Greetings, Earthlings.
Raining here!

It’s time to get started back with reviewed by you blog posts. Last week, I asked about your favorite costumes. If you’re not quite sure what you want to dress up as, perhaps this blog will prove to help you!

Here’s what some penguins had to say.

BananaMoose, “I like both the bee and moose costumes but I’ll be wearing the moose costume so my username will be accurate for once. Excited for the halloween party!”

A moose costume is a great choice. Being a moose is not so spooky at first, but combining it with other items can make quite a spookful outfit. Fear in the unknown!

Wipipi, “I like all the costumes but my favorite one is the skeleton. I love the classic feel to it and how fun it is. I also like the flashlight, it allows you to light up the dark surroundings!”

Indeed, the skeleton outfit is a classic. It is also wise to carry around a flashlight. As this is one of the darkest parties, it is good to have a flashlight on hand. It could be of use with finding some candies as well!

That’s all for now, penguins.
For next week’s reviewed by you blog, answer this question. What is your favorite part of the Halloween party? It can be any aspects of it, the rooms, the haunted mansion, the free items, meeting mascots. You decide! (You can answer this question in the comments of this blog post)

Until then,
Waddle on!

Hey penguins!
Raining here, it’s been a while

Since the last blog post, there have been some big changes. The biggest of all these changes is a brand new penguin model!
Here are some images if you aren’t caught up.

Above you can see three different actions with the new model, sitting, dancing and waving. In the sitting image, you can see behind me the Nightclub, decorated as a barn for the Western party. It’s been going on for some time now, but if you have not picked up the Polka-Dot Bandanna at the town, you should do so soon!

Above you can see the new Snow and Sports catalog! There are some great new items in there, so make sure to check it out.

In other news, the Patreon for CP3D has recently had an overhaul. There are now three base ranks. Rookie (one dollar a month) gets you donor access to the Discord and grants you a special pin. Gary (five dollars a month) is the same as the Rookie rank, except donor backgrounds are included with it. The last rank, Rory (ten dollars a month) comes with the same rewards as the previous, except with the added BIG bonus of being able to test updates early (including minigames!)
Keep in mind that some of these things may be tweaked soon, but if you want to donate, do so here:
Discord: (You must be 13 or older to use Discord)

Well, that about wraps up this blog post! Be sure to be active around the island, as some big updates will be coming soon… including a brand new minigame!

Until then, waddle on!

Hey penguins!
Raining here

On Club Penguin Island, summer has taken full-swing! With many rooms decorated for the summer, and many fun free items, there is a lot to do during the Summer party. If you have not come on for the party yet, you should do so now!

The ‘Sillapuss’

There are four free items in total that you can collect. One of them is a hidden item! Also, be on the look out for any potential mascots!

Also, the first newspaper was released! To check out the Penguin Times, just log on and click the newspaper button on the top left of the screen. Get reading!

Another update includes a new way how some furniture items work. Some items, for example, the cactus, can be set on top of other items. Make sure not to set a cactus on a chair, unless you want someone to get poked!

There were many bug fixes in the summer update. Your penguin colour, for example, is now represented in Bean Counters.

Want to be featured in the next blog post?
We will be having our first ‘Reviewed By You’ post soon. We want to feature your reviews! What do we want you to review? The Summer Party, of course! Comment on this blog post how you feel about the Summer Party and have a chance of being featured on the next blog.

Thanks for reading, penguins!
Waddle on!

Hey penguins!
Raining here

As some of you might know, the game was updated earlier today. There were several bug fixes, however more notable additions include a brand new map, a new Better Igloos catalog, a revamped igloo storage system and some big room updates. Let’s dive in.
To start, the Snow Forts/Ice Rink had a big overhaul.

The Ski Village was also updated, although far less significantly. The room has shrunk a bit.

The Better Igloo catalog for June was also released. This is the first igloo catalog since January! You can expect more frequent Better Igloo catalogs from now on. Also, there are indeed secrets in this catalog.

There is now a more advanced furniture inventory in the game. It is much less cluttered than the previous and easier to use.

For full notes on version, you can look below.
-Better Igloos Catalog (June)
-Reworked igloo storage system
-New map
-Ski hill room model size reduced
-10k party removed
-Entering/Exiting igloo edit mode now toggles other UI elements for more visibility
-Updated Snow fort/Ice rink room
-Diffuse shader applied to penguin colors
-Players can not click click to unequip certain items from the player image
-E+0 not making sad face emote
-Exclamation emote not working
-See catalogs through loading screen
-White line on island view from iceberg

Thanks for reading!
Waddle on.

P.S. – You can fit inside the recycle bin 😉

We appreciate everyone’s continued patience as we work diligently to sort out gameplay issues and work on developing some exciting new features. With that in mind, the team is pleased to announce the next major version of Club Penguin 3D.

-Newly modeled Pizza Parlor interior
-Newly modeled Pizza Parlor building
-Improvements to the existing Pet Shop interior
-New mini-game: Ice Fishing
-Furniture system is officially introduced
-Furniture catalog is deployed with 13 different furniture items to choose from
-Updated map (new option: welcome room)

-Players can jump while sitting
-Remove furnishing in the sport shop by the window
-Coffee shop polygon count decimated
-Adjustments to gift shop to reduce lagging
-Signing into the game while previously walking a puffle causes issues on the playercard system
-Error with restart text in Bean Counters

Our latest build of the game is undergoing private testing for any potential issues that may impact the gameplay. Provided nothing major is reported, you can all expect the game to return this Wednesday (January 30).

A teaser video showcasing some of the newest features can be viewed here:

-Puffles are unable to follow the player around in the igloo and a few select rooms. I am unable to diagnose the issue at this time.
-A furniture limit of 10 is being universally set for each furniture item. This limit will be gradually adjusted as we evaluate the performance furniture items will have on player’s computers.
-At this time, furniture states will not be available. What are furniture states? Taking the refrigerator as an example, in Club Penguin, you could press the Up/Down keys to toggle whether the fridge was open or closed. This kind of functionality is not yet supported in CP3D, but it will be in the future.

Good day friends!

Since early 2017, Club Penguin 3D (CP3D) has been a project intended to recreate your favorite childhood experience in 3D. In recent months, our team has been hard at work and made significant progress to make that a reality.


Today, we’re officially announcing the start of something new. Starting next month in October, we will be rolling out CP3D in three phases. Please pay careful attention to the following.


Phase 1 (Closed Beta): Closed Beta will start on October 10th, and will only be available to select users. Any other user would only be allowed to test with the consensus of staff members.

Phase 2 (Open Beta): Open Beta will start on October 17th, and will be available to all users. Registration will also be made public at this time.

During open and closed beta, it is expected that all users will report all technical issues such as crashing or freezing to a developer for review. Other reported issues may be determined to be trivial and thus delayed as they’re not considered a priority.

Phase 3 (Final Release): Beta testing will end on October 23rd and access to the servers will be suspended. Access will resume on October 24th at 5 PM EST to mark the official launch of CP3D to the world. A beta testing party will immediately take place until Friday to commemorate the end of the beta testing period. This will be the only time in our history users may obtain the beta hat. Be sure you’re registered, and come out to celebrate the official launching of CP3D!


A special event will take place on launch day at 6 PM EST. All online users will automatically be summoned to a special room to truly celebrate the start of something new.



The Halloween party will take place shortly after the end of the beta testing party.

Special notes:

  • Although the team is hard at work, we’re often limited by our time commitments irl. Therefore, it is important to remember that not every feature in CP on its official launch may be available on CP3D’s official launch. We are working as best as we can to finalize all existing features already in the game and to work on developing the missing ones.
  • We currently do not have a list of unavailable features as we are still too far out from release. We will announce ahead of time any features that may not make it into final release.

We appreciate your continued support and hope you are as excited as we are!


-CP3D Development Team

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