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We appreciate everyone’s continued patience as we work diligently to sort out gameplay issues and work on developing some exciting new features. With that in mind, the team is pleased to announce the next major version of Club Penguin 3D.

-Newly modeled Pizza Parlor interior
-Newly modeled Pizza Parlor building
-Improvements to the existing Pet Shop interior
-New mini-game: Ice Fishing
-Furniture system is officially introduced
-Furniture catalog is deployed with 13 different furniture items to choose from
-Updated map (new option: welcome room)

-Players can jump while sitting
-Remove furnishing in the sport shop by the window
-Coffee shop polygon count decimated
-Adjustments to gift shop to reduce lagging
-Signing into the game while previously walking a puffle causes issues on the playercard system
-Error with restart text in Bean Counters

Our latest build of the game is undergoing private testing for any potential issues that may impact the gameplay. Provided nothing major is reported, you can all expect the game to return this Wednesday (January 30).

A teaser video showcasing some of the newest features can be viewed here:

-Puffles are unable to follow the player around in the igloo and a few select rooms. I am unable to diagnose the issue at this time.
-A furniture limit of 10 is being universally set for each furniture item. This limit will be gradually adjusted as we evaluate the performance furniture items will have on player’s computers.
-At this time, furniture states will not be available. What are furniture states? Taking the refrigerator as an example, in Club Penguin, you could press the Up/Down keys to toggle whether the fridge was open or closed. This kind of functionality is not yet supported in CP3D, but it will be in the future.

Registrations and logins are available again here ( As a reminder, these pages were taken down because they were exploited to steal almost every user’s information. The issue that allowed this to happen has been fixed, and we will be actively monitoring all of the logs as our time permits. During our downtime, I’ve observed subsequent attempts (all of which have failed) to undermine our server’s security. Do not attempt to do this. I am carefully monitoring these kinds of cases and permanently banning every one I see.

Your passwords have always been securely hashed in our database. We do not store them in plain text. Although the likelihood of your password being cracked is highly unlikely, you are still recommended to change your password. Avoid using the same password on more than one website, especially with your email address.

I have changed the structure of the activation keys. All users who did not activate their account must request another one here: The activation code in your email will no longer work.

Upcoming changes in Version
– Halloween decorations reverted (except for ski village)
– New Room: Ski Lodge
– Login sequencing improved for security

The game itself will still be under maintenance mode pending completion of the next update (

Most other in-game features will remain unchanged. The target release for is late this week. The Christmas party is planned later this month in a separate update (

Good day friends!

Since early 2017, Club Penguin 3D (CP3D) has been a project intended to recreate your favorite childhood experience in 3D. In recent months, our team has been hard at work and made significant progress to make that a reality.


Today, we’re officially announcing the start of something new. Starting next month in October, we will be rolling out CP3D in three phases. Please pay careful attention to the following.


Phase 1 (Closed Beta): Closed Beta will start on October 10th, and will only be available to select users. Any other user would only be allowed to test with the consensus of staff members.

Phase 2 (Open Beta): Open Beta will start on October 17th, and will be available to all users. Registration will also be made public at this time.

During open and closed beta, it is expected that all users will report all technical issues such as crashing or freezing to a developer for review. Other reported issues may be determined to be trivial and thus delayed as they’re not considered a priority.

Phase 3 (Final Release): Beta testing will end on October 23rd and access to the servers will be suspended. Access will resume on October 24th at 5 PM EST to mark the official launch of CP3D to the world. A beta testing party will immediately take place until Friday to commemorate the end of the beta testing period. This will be the only time in our history users may obtain the beta hat. Be sure you’re registered, and come out to celebrate the official launching of CP3D!


A special event will take place on launch day at 6 PM EST. All online users will automatically be summoned to a special room to truly celebrate the start of something new.



The Halloween party will take place shortly after the end of the beta testing party.

Special notes:

  • Although the team is hard at work, we’re often limited by our time commitments irl. Therefore, it is important to remember that not every feature in CP on its official launch may be available on CP3D’s official launch. We are working as best as we can to finalize all existing features already in the game and to work on developing the missing ones.
  • We currently do not have a list of unavailable features as we are still too far out from release. We will announce ahead of time any features that may not make it into final release.

We appreciate your continued support and hope you are as excited as we are!


-CP3D Development Team

Hello there Waddlers! i’m Palonite, CP3D Creative Director! we’ve been receiving some burning questions of important things regarding Club Penguin 3D’s Development, here are our answers!

What are “The Buddies Team”?

they are a group of people that help us test the CP3D builds before launching them to the public, to make sure the game runs smooth and clean without any bugs or flying penguins..



Will the game be downloaded or playable in browser?

To play the game you need to download it, it’s too much for a browser to handle..

Will there be new rooms?

Since we are basically continuing where CP left, we of course need to add interesting new rooms and features to the game so yes. A example of new rooms in CP3D may be the Bowling Center.

Which Art style is CP3D using? 2005, 2010, 2012, 2015…

We are using a mix of all of these, not to modern, not too classic, and with a magical touch of Rocketsnail Art Style.

Has CP3D taken inspiration from other media?

Yes, regarding art style, we have taken inspiration from Toontown, Steven Universe, etc. In gameplay, we have taken inspiration mostly from classic virtual worlds like Toontown and Wizard101.

Who is “Cepientum” the 4 armed penguin?

I don’t know.

What is the future of Card Jitsu in CP3D?

I’m currently directing a continuation to Card Jitsu, where we explain most of the mysteries and rumors about ninjas that appeared along the course of CP History with a epic gameplay and new places to explore. we’ve been teasing it lately i’m not ready to talk about it right now but, it will be epic, i promise.

As for the Card Jitsu Fire, Snow and Water, we are getting ready to start production in them, Card Jitsu is something that it’s really exciting for me and the team to work at, and we have lots of plans and stuff for you, you will love it <3

Regarding Parties…?

Parties are a yes for CP3D, we do have plans for our parties, however we need to focus on other important things before we can focus on parties.

I saw on the last year Progress Reports stuff like “Sled Racer Beta” and “Bowling Center”, how’s that going?

Sled Racer Beta showcased in the Progress Reports now serves as a prototype for the final version of Sled Racer, we are not ready to get working on Sled Racer thought. Regarding the Bowling Center we’ve been working on it lately and there might be a reveal pretty soon.

Will the game have membership? how will the team fund CP3D?

That’s a good question we are debating internally in the team, CP3D uses a IP from a big company, so basically making it paid might get us in trouble. Right now, Our Head Programmer pays the server from his pocket every month. we plan on funding CP3D with Donations.

Is there gonna be a Story x Gameplay game (like Card-Jitsu saga) in CP3D? if so what will it be about?

Yes, we plan new PSA missions, we can’t say much about this though.

What about Ninjas? do you have something in store?


Is there any plans for the Nature part of CP?

Yes, we are adding a brand new wilderness area behind the Ski Village!

Is there gonna be a Gray Puffle?

Yes! we’ve been teasing it lately…

New Characters?

Of course, we are taking minor characters that were in CP like Rory, Iggy and Bernie and making them meetable characters (like Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic).

How Active is the Development of CP3D?

Very active, we work every day on the game, i don’t think there was a day we did absolutely nothing.


That’s all, for now. Keep a eye in our blog and our twitter for future Game updates. Until Next Time!

Hey, loyal fans! Palpatine here! The CP3D Team is proud to announce a date for our first alpha test sessions. The alpha testers have already been hand-picked, and we will not be allowing most users to join in the alpha unless by invite. Our first alpha test is scheduled for the 28th of February. This date could be delayed or advanced depending on the staff team’s progress, but we want the alpha to be released by then. Registrations will be occurring in the next couple of weeks. The goals of these tests are to debug the server for a beta release as well as test the server’s capability to hold users. Thank you all for your patience, and we’re excited to bring you a build of the game that all of us are proud of. Waddle On!

Welcome to the brand new CP3D Development Blog! This blog will be used for game updates, secrets, and much more. Waddle On!

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