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Cowabunga, penguins!
Raining here

It’s been a few weeks since the Summer party has ended, and penguins are starting to miss it already. If you’re starting to feel nostalgic, reading these Summer party reviews might help!

Let’s see what penguins had to say –

Jingle, “I logged on for the first time ever right in the middle of the Summer Party ^_^ I love this game and can’t wait to see what is in store as time goes on. I love everything about it, from the iconic original aesthetic to the goofy objects like palm trees and curvy buildings brought to life. They even made the entire octopus at the dojo :’) I love you guys”

The Summer party would be a great starting party for any penguin. Four free items, grand decor, relaxing vibes, simply making a great starter.

Cid, “The summer party introduced warm weather, awesome throw-back items and nostalgic leisurely tunes, and of course the first ever newspaper. We’re off to a great start, especially with the growing community. The scattered surf-boards were awesome and filled the place out a bit more. The item hunt was challenging, but a blast. I was consumed by the party and forgot there was no pin to search for!”

The Summery party was a grand milestone for Club Penguin 3D! With more refined parties and newspapers, it’s only a glimpse of what the future will bring to the game. Pins will make it in one day!

Speaking of parties and newspapers, the next paper will be coming alongside the next hot party.
There’s not another question this time, so stay tuned for the next blog to leave your review! The next Reviewed By You blog will come shortly after the next.

Until then,
Waddle on!

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