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Hey penguins!
Raining here

On Club Penguin Island, summer has taken full-swing! With many rooms decorated for the summer, and many fun free items, there is a lot to do during the Summer party. If you have not come on for the party yet, you should do so now!

The ‘Sillapuss’

There are four free items in total that you can collect. One of them is a hidden item! Also, be on the look out for any potential mascots!

Also, the first newspaper was released! To check out the Penguin Times, just log on and click the newspaper button on the top left of the screen. Get reading!

Another update includes a new way how some furniture items work. Some items, for example, the cactus, can be set on top of other items. Make sure not to set a cactus on a chair, unless you want someone to get poked!

There were many bug fixes in the summer update. Your penguin colour, for example, is now represented in Bean Counters.

Want to be featured in the next blog post?
We will be having our first ‘Reviewed By You’ post soon. We want to feature your reviews! What do we want you to review? The Summer Party, of course! Comment on this blog post how you feel about the Summer Party and have a chance of being featured on the next blog.

Thanks for reading, penguins!
Waddle on!

6 Responses to Summer Is Here!

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    This update was great! I loved the music, and the pictures shared in the Discord were so awesome! Everybody was having a great time, there were so much new things added as well.

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    I think this party is truly a milestone for Club Penguin 3D. This is the first real party for CP3D out of beta and it was perfectly executed. It does Club Penguin proud in the events inside it and I congratulate all who were a part of it as they added little intricacies and amusing tid-bits for fans of the game, such as the amusing Octopus in the Dojo and the quizzical Coconut Café. Furthermore, the idea of adding a little secret item is really adding to the nostalgic value of my personal experiences on Club Penguin, spending hours upon hours looking at Youtube videos to find something rare (or sometimes made up) in the game.

    To conclude, I think CP3D is taking its first steps out of purely reproducing the fundamentals of Club Penguin and producing a beautiful product for old and new fans to enjoy.

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    I logged on for the first time ever right in the middle of the Summer Party ^_^ I love this game and can’t wait to see what is in store as time goes on. I love everything about it, from the iconic original aesthetic to the goofy objects like palm trees and curvy buildings brought to life. They even made the entire octopus at the dojo :’) I love you guys

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    I had enjoyed the Summer Beach party very well! I liked the palm trees and how the land was styled, we had gotten more items than I originally suspected, a pleasant surprise, my favourite places were Town, Dock, the forest with it’s concession icecream stand, and outside the lighthouse.

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    Meant to say “initially suspected”

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    The summer party introduced warm weather, awesome throw-back items and nostalgic leisurely tunes, and of course the first ever newspaper. We’re off to a great start, especially with the growing community. The scattered surf-boards were awesome and filled the place out a bit more. The item hunt was challenging, but a blast. I was consumed by the party and forgot there was no pin to search for!

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