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Hey penguins!
Raining here

As some of you might know, the game was updated earlier today. There were several bug fixes, however more notable additions include a brand new map, a new Better Igloos catalog, a revamped igloo storage system and some big room updates. Let’s dive in.
To start, the Snow Forts/Ice Rink had a big overhaul.

The Ski Village was also updated, although far less significantly. The room has shrunk a bit.

The Better Igloo catalog for June was also released. This is the first igloo catalog since January! You can expect more frequent Better Igloo catalogs from now on. Also, there are indeed secrets in this catalog.

There is now a more advanced furniture inventory in the game. It is much less cluttered than the previous and easier to use.

For full notes on version, you can look below.
-Better Igloos Catalog (June)
-Reworked igloo storage system
-New map
-Ski hill room model size reduced
-10k party removed
-Entering/Exiting igloo edit mode now toggles other UI elements for more visibility
-Updated Snow fort/Ice rink room
-Diffuse shader applied to penguin colors
-Players can not click click to unequip certain items from the player image
-E+0 not making sad face emote
-Exclamation emote not working
-See catalogs through loading screen
-White line on island view from iceberg

Thanks for reading!
Waddle on.

P.S. – You can fit inside the recycle bin 😉

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