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Welcome to Club Penguin… With a 3D Twist!

Club Penguin 3D is a safe virtual world for kids and adults alike, allowing users to interact with friends and let their imaginations soar.          


All of your favorite areas from classic Club Penguin have been completely updated with a new look. Although the game is in 3D, our extremely talented artists make sure the game doesn’t deviate too far from its original style.

Play Games!

Club Penguin 3D currently has four of the classic games that Club Penguin fans love, with more on the way! Come play Astro-Barrier, Bean Counters, Find Four, Hydro-Hopper, and Ice Fishing just like you remember them, and earn coins to buy clothing and furniture for your penguin!

Join The Party!

With a new party every month, there’s always something happening on CP3D! Our parties feature fully decorated rooms, items, and even mascot characters such as Rockhopper and Gary make appearances!

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