We've waddled on… and discovered a new adventure!

Club Penguin 3D is a nonprofit program designed to emulate the original Club Penguin, but with a three-dimensional twist. 

All of our developers, writers, artists, moderators, and more are all fans of the classic Club Penguin, and wanted it to come back in a big way. Now, we’re ready to share our hard work and determination with the world.

Club Penguin 3D started as a seed of an idea in the head of one person. Now, the project is well-known across the Club Penguin community, with notable figures such as Lance Priebe, the original creator of Club Penguin, taking notice of our achievements.

Club Penguin 3D will be completely free-to-play, and in-game purchases such as ‘membership’ will be mostly left out to allow for a much more inclusive atmosphere.

Club Penguin 3D has all of the classic Club Penguin you love, combined with new areas that are derived from previous projects such as Penguin Chat 3, scrapped concept art, and original ideas from the heads of the team.

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